Hi.....I'm Pam!!!  You clicked here, so you must want to know....and here you go!! :)

1.  I'm a lifelong dog lover!  When I was little, my family raised beagles....it was an awesome thing growing up!  I even slept out in the kennel with our dogs from time to time in their houses! :)  Now, I have a black lab named Hitch (who is my heart dog) and a hound mix who was a rescue, named Herman.  They bring so much joy and fun to my life and are my kids.  Please don't be surprise if I have dog hair on me when we meet. :)

2.  I've also been obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember.  I was that kid who would always look out the car windows while on road trips looking for horses and would crank my face back as far as I could so I could see them as long as possible. lol   Currently, I have my own horse, Cowboy.  He's been with me since he was a weanling.....I've done all of his training myself and are at a point of enjoying trail riding together.  Cowboy is a bay and white paint and is BEAUTIfUL!!!  

3.  I love chai tea!   iced, hot, as a shake....it doesn't matter!  I could drink it every day!  But there is so much sugar in there.....WHY?????? :(

4.  I grew up in northern Wisconsin in the town of Rhinelander....Home of the Hodag!  What?  What do you mean, "What's a Hodag?"   Google it....it's a totally cool and ferocious creature! 

5. In addition to being a photographer, I'm also an educator!  I'm a 4th grade teacher and enjoy spending my days with my students and co-workers.  

6.  I was an art major early in my schooling career ( I drew ALL the time!), but then switched to Equine Science and got my undergraduate degree in that....until I went back to school and got my Masters in Elementary Education.  :)

7.  My husband, Todd, and I live in Inver Grove Heights, MN.  I'm not thrilled to be in Vikings territory (yes, I'm still a Packer fan)....but it's okay. lol   I have 3 great step-kids as well an incredible niece and nephew.  Blessed by family!! 

8.  I grew up going to summer camp!   And not day camp.....I was gone for 2 weeks at a time and I'd bawl when it was time to go home (which happened to be only 7 miles away! ha!)    I LOVE CAMP!!!!!  It's where I learned to ride horses!!  How cool?!?!?  And I made lifelong friendships there too.  I LOVE CAMP!!!!!  Did I mention that??   I also worked as the Riding Director for nearly 20 years at a girls camp in Minocqua, WI.  Camp does such fantastic things for young people!!!!  For all people, really! ;)

9.  I can't get enough of PUNS!!!!  They make me laugh and I love coming up with them....and they're always funny!  Just ask me....I''ll tell you! LOL

10.  When I'm not photographing or teaching or hanging out with my dogs, horse, or family.....I enjoy *gardening (flowers....not veggies.  Can't make them grow!) *being in nature....hiking, fishing, walking....just taking it all in *going to and volunteering at my church....it always puts me in a wonderful place *baking....I love it but then I have to eat it so there hasn't been much lately. :(  Go KETO!!  *Spending time back in Rhinelander with my Mom and family there *

11.  I tend to use a lot of !!!!!!s when I text and email and make lists like this!!!! LOL

12.  Am I the only one who enjoys scooping peanut butter out of the jar with a piece of chocolate???  


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