Hi!  I'm Pam Kipper Gabriel and thank you so much for stopping by to check out Pam Gabriel Photography!

For as long as I can remember, I loved having a camera in my hand.  Back in the days of my little Kodak instant camera, I would take it to summer camp with me year after year along with about 4 rolls of film.  Two weeks later, I'd come home with 1 roll showing me with my cabin-mates and the other 3 rolls would be of the horses at the barn! :)   My favorites were Sham, Twig, Nick, Duke, Ben Ali, and Decker Command.  When I was 9, I also had my own pony named Ginger....my love for horses and photographing them was just beginning! 

Also while I was growing up in northern WI, my family raised beagles....so there are tons of pictures in multiple photo albums of puppies and dogs including Barney, Ben, Cindy, Mindy, Henry, and many more!  Sure, many didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but once in a while, I'd get a great one that I wanted to draw.  Back then....I was an artist that way too!! 

Having grown up with dogs and horses around me, in many different aspects, I understand them both and know what it takes to get captivating photos of them to show their true essence and spirit.  I've had strong bonds with certain dogs and horses in my life and know how full they can make a heart....and how that same heart can be crumbled into a million pieces when they leave us.  I work my hardest trying to catch those special moments and looks with the animals they love because I know how it feels myself. 

My photography is not limited to horses and dogs, but I must say, they are my favorite critters on earth. :)  I also enjoy photographing high school seniors as they enter into the most significant year of their school career that often times leads them away from home, friends, and family and on to new adventures in life.  Family portraits and child portraits are also so fun especially when I get repeat clients and get to see their family grow.  

I find it important to continue learning, experimenting, and growing as a photographer.  I enjoy taking classes from amazing photographers who I admire as well as attending photographer workshops.....the fun never ends!! 

Thank you for stopping by....come again!! ~Pam

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